Property ID: 14657115307
For Sale 2 Duffy Street, Winslow VIC 3281




Unique and Peaceful


This is truly a unique property that comes with several old buildings that tell a tale of days gone by. There are two separate living quarters as well as a large shed that was once a tannery, a converted dairy that is now fitted out as an entertaining area and multiple garage and storage areas. If you’re looking for a peaceful lifestyle then this parcel of land will not disappoint, the block size is 3433 m2 approx. with the property bordering the lake. The view is tranquil and the surroundings peaceful, combine this all with a generous block size and suddenly you have opportunity to create whatever your heart desires subject to STCA. There is a feeling of calmness at the property and it could full well be your place to relax and unwind all within a stone’s throw to town. The heritage alone makes this place an interesting find, we would enjoy taking you for a peaceful walk at the property and I'm sure you will feel just as relaxed as I did after inspecting the property, it’s a real breath of fresh air!

Property Type House

Property ID 14657115307

Price $269,900

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